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Sustainable Apparel Manufacturer

By ignoring the importance of people and planet any conventional business cannot have a sustainable and sequential profit. Business as usual is not an option anymore. From end consumer, shops, traders and manufacturer everybody have an ethical responsibility towards the people who are making our clothes and for the planet we call ‘home’. So be a part of our drive and make a difference in fashion industry. 

Mr. Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director is the founder and dreamer of Cute Dress. He is a passionate change maker of Bangladesh ready-made garment (RMG) industries to top notch niche manufacturer instead of a bottom of the pyramid manufacturer.
Back in 2003, he started his own business and established his connection in Nordic countries. Currently, Cute Dress is exporting to more than 30+ high end brands in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, and few other countries. Cute Dress is mainly producing circular knitwear for high end and niche brands which has higher value and quality.
Mr. Mustafiz has travelled to more than 29 countries in the world; learned & implemented many international norms and practices in the company. Through his leadership, the company has seen a sustainable economic growth and optimistic future of RMG industries in Bangladesh. Cute Dress is a state-of-the-art environment friendly factory and the innovative wide range of fabrics are the main strength of this company. The factory is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Certified in Platinum category under US Green Building Council (USGBC) standard and became one of top 20 green factories in the world. The factory was rewarded with ‘Step Up Award’ for improving its ‘productivity and CSR activities’ from ‘Dansk Mode og Textil’ for the noteworthy performance. Cute Dress is the only company from Bangladesh who has showcased ‘Package Solution for Sustainable Knitwear’ in Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May 2019.
Cute Dress can handle small orders in a very efficient way. The workforce is skilled and passionate in getting the tasks done with highest level of standard. It runs on the whirlpool of experienced management team.
Mr Mustafiz is a M.A. in English. He was awarded with ‘Professional Fellowship’ as young entrepreneur from US Department of State in 2012. In 2015, he ran an online apparel selling platform pilot project called ‘Brand for Humanity’ to improve the living standard of the garment workers in Bangladesh. He was awarded with ‘Telly Award’ and ‘W3 Award’ from USA for the thoughtful content of the video. In 2015, he was also praised by Embassy of Nepal in Bangladesh for his generous contribution to the earthquake victim in Kathmandu.
As an industry leader he participated in an International Workshop on ‘Workforce Skills Development for Industry 4.0’ organized by Singapore Polytechnic International collaboration with Temasek Foundation and a2i of Bangladesh government.
He is also member of National Steering Committee of Generation Unlimited, a project by UNICEF for youth future skills and employability.
Mr. Mustafiz was elected as the Director of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Exporter Association (BKMEA) for 2017-2019 session. For his contribution to national economy, he was awarded as CIP (Commercial Important Person) by the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He is a proud father of two sons and he himself is son of a government stipend awarded Freedom Fighter.

Sheikh H M Mustafiz

Managing Director

- Total Land 8100+ square meters
- Floor Space 82,055 sq ft (total 3 floors)
- Automatic fire detection and hydrant
- Public Addressing and full CCTV coverage
- 6,000 sq ft utility building with 3 Generators; own sub-station; boiler; air compressor
- Waste recycling storage : 4 rooms
- Current Manpower 500+ (Ratio: 60% Women, 40% Men)
- Day care with full time childcare attendees, separate breast-feeding area, food storage, children nutrition monitoring, toys and indoor-outdoor playground
- Medical care with full time Doctor and Nurse; availability of medical equipment to facilitate emergency minor operation
- Knitting facilities with 5 sets machine and upcoming 3 sets; total 8 sets.
- Dyeing : Cute Dress sub-contracts dyeing process from reputed Oeko-tex & GOTS certified dyeing mills as no dyeing process is available in the factory
- Printing : Cute Dress digital printing unit is in operation and a screen printing unit setup is in progress including a portable ETP
- Embroidery works are in operation
- Cute Dress’s own laboratory conducts basic wash tests, rubbing, GSM etc.
- CAD system with plotters are in operation
- Large cutting tables with fabric spreader from Eastman
- All kinds of sewing machine for knitwear production including men’s brief
- Fully furnished finishing section with spot removing section, thread sucker etc.
- Separate packing section along with needle detector, pick-pack service, security controlled shipping process etc.
- Availability of Cute Dress’s own transportation for procurement and delivery
- Certification : Oeko-tex; GOTS; OCS; GRS; LEED; BCI; audited on amfori BSCI and ACCORD; in process of Higg Index; Fair Trade; WRAP & C-TPAT 

Company Profile

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Sustainability Benchmark

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11 Liters of water used

We used 11 liters of water per garment production in 2019


78 watts of energy used

We used 78 watts of energy per garment production in 2019


82 grams of waste

We have wasted 82 grams raw materials to produce per piece of garment in 2019


120 grams of CO2 emissions

We emmitted 120 grams of CO2 to produce one piece of garment in 2019

Sustainability Roadmap




Improvement on Compliance and Quality Control



Improvement on internal management system



Investment on Automation



Compatibility of high-end products



Smart Factory 4.0



Efficient production management



Fully sustainable manufacturing



Only export to sustainable premium brands

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